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  • Helping Canada achieve its climate goals

    Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our time, and Canada’s oil sands must be part of the solution.

    We are Canadian Natural Resources, Cenovus Energy, Imperial, MEG Energy and Suncor Energy, and together, we represent 90% of Canada’s oil sands production. We have established the Oil Sands Pathways to Net Zero alliance to work collectively with the federal and Alberta governments to achieve net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from oil sands operations by 2050.

    As proud Canadian companies, we’re looking beyond our normally competitive spirit to rally around the aspiration we share with Canadians – to help our country meet its climate goals, including its Paris Agreement commitments and 2050 net zero ambition.

    There’s no single solution to achieving our vision. Our Pathways strategy requires industry and governments to collaborate and make significant investments together in the infrastructure and technologies required to achieve net zero emissions from oil sands operations. One of those pathways is carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS), a very real and viable solution. In fact, countries like Norway, the Netherlands, the U.K. and the U.S. are already pursuing this option.

    For Canada to earn its place as an inspiring global leader in responsible oil production and climate change solutions, we need to take further action now. That’s why our companies are collaborating with governments to invest in this vision and support future generations of Canadian engineers, scientists and leaders who are developing and implementing technologies that will be game changers in reducing GHG emissions.

    A vibrant oil and gas industry is essential for Canada to achieve its emissions targets and meet all of its future energy and economic needs. Our country has the world’s third-largest oil reserves, some of the most stringent regulations and standards governing energy projects anywhere in the world, a strong track record for technology development and an established reputation of industry working together with Indigenous communities and municipalities. The goal of the Oil Sands Pathways to Net Zero initiative is to build on these strengths to help make Canada a global leader in the fight against climate change.

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      “Canada has an opportunity to lead on climate change by delivering meaningful emissions reductions as well as balancing sustainable economic development. Canadian ingenuity has enabled oil sands development and with continued innovation, positions Canada to be the ESG-leading barrel to meet global energy demand. We are committed to working together with industry partners and governments to help meet Canada’s climate objectives while providing sustainable long-term economic and social benefits for Canadians from the oil sands.”

      Tim McKay, President

      Canadian Natural Resources Limited

      “This collaborative effort amongst oil sands peers shows our serious commitment to global climate leadership. We are doing more than just talking about the need to play a role – we are taking bold action to address our emissions challenge and earn our spot as the supplier of choice to meet the world’s growing demand for energy.”

      Alex Pourbaix, President and CEO

      Cenovus Energy

      “Canada has what it takes to be the responsible energy provider to the world. Canada’s long-term success in achieving its climate goals lies in a collective commitment to innovation, global competitiveness, supportive public policy and open and ongoing dialogue on constructive solutions. Imperial is collaborating with others in industry and governments to develop and commercialize the breakthrough technologies that will reduce emissions and support society’s net zero ambitions.”

      Brad Corson, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer


      “We are pleased to be part of this collaborative effort committed to the critical measures needed to achieve net zero green house gas emissions in the oil sands. Bold action today demonstrates our commitment to tackling climate change and global climate leadership. This alliance working collectively with the federal and Alberta governments and all stakeholders will ensure that Canada continues to be a leading supplier to the world of responsibly produced oil.”

      Derek Evans, President and Chief Executive Officer

      MEG Energy

      “Collaboration among companies, innovators and governments is critical to achieving ambitious goals. That’s how we built a budding oil sands resource into one of the world’s most reliable and ESG-leading oil basins in the world. Canada - as one of the few jurisdictions with industrial-scale commercial CCUS projects in operation -- coupled with Alberta’s abundant natural gas resources, geology and relevant technological expertise - is well positioned to lead in this area."

      Mark Little, President and Chief Executive Officer

      Suncor Energy